Purley Quaker Meeting

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Purley Quakers

Welcome to all

Purley Quakers are now meeting for worship in

St Mark’s Church, Woodcote,
Church Road, Purley, CR8 3QQ

About Quakers

Back in business - sort of
Normal-ish Meeting for Worship in Croydon has resumed after the long closure due to the coronavirus restrictions. We look forward to welcoming the brave ones back to worship in person. However, this looks and feels different from usual, and is taking place in the meeting room with space for just twelve people to give more space for social distancing. The Common Room is being used for overflow. Both rooms are connected to those worshipping online.
If you have not been to meeting in person under these revised conditions, please contact Gillian Turner on 020 8688 9659 or 07805 087 981.
To keep everyone safe and healthy we ask you to read these recommendations carefully.
You have a choice. Croydon and Sutton are both continuing to hold Meetings for Worship via Zoom. We try to make them as much like normal Sunday meeting as possible - arrive any time from 10:00, worship 10:30 to 11:30, then notices and chat afterwards - but you will have to supply your own refreshments!
Warning - passcode
Croydon Virtual Meeting House now requires a passcode to enter it but it is as a simple as we could make it:
 Q      just capital Q for Quaker.
How to join Croydon Virtual Meeting House
Note. You do not need to have a Zoom account to participate in a Zoom meeting. (The key phrase is "join a meeting", not "sign in" or "sign up".)
  1. My machine is fully Zoom-capable, ie. it has a user-facing camera, microphone and speaker / headphone socket but Zoom is not installed.   (Hide instructions)
    Click on:  zoom.us/j/786763002
    Once Zoom has been installed you will be asked to “enter meeting passcode”. Enter:  Q
  2. My machine is fully Zoom-capable and Zoom is already installed.   (Hide instructions)
    • Find your way to the Join Meeting box.
    • The top input box with Enter meeting ID or similar has a down arrow at far right. If you have been into this meeting before, click on the down arrow and select Croydon Virtual Meeting House 786-763-002 from the drop down list.
    • Otherwise enter the Meeting Id of  786-763-002
    • Below the Meeting Id input is an input for “Your Name”. If this shows something like iPad or Galaxy S7, change it!
    • Click on Join
    • Enter meeting passcode:  Q
  3. My machine is not fully Zoom-capable (but it has a screen!).
    Show instructions
  4. My only means of communicating is a POTS phone (POTS = plain old telephone service - but not so old that it has a rotary dial!).   (Hide instructions)
    • Dial one of the following numbers:
      0203 051 2874
      0203 481 5237
      0203 481 5240
      0208 080 6591
      0330 088 5830
    • When connected and prompted key:
    • Meeting Id:  786 763 002 #
    • Participant Id.:  #   [just hash]
    • You should hear: “you are in the meeting now …”
    • It is normal to mute your phone, so everyone does not hear each other’s background noises. Remember to unmute if you want to speak.
For further details or instructions contact Roger W. Haworth on  07788 756 745.  
For those not familiar with using Zoom, we recommend this advice on the Woodbrooke website.

St Mark’s website

Driving and bus details
Plenty of unrestricted parking

Contact Purley Quakers

The Clerks:  purleylmclerks@gmail.com



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